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Milk and dairy-based ingredients are used as components of many food products. Their contributions consist of unique flavor, desirable texture, excellent nutritive value, and a widely accepted "natural" image. In many instances, the success of the product in the marketplace is significantly enhanced by incorporation of traditional functional ingredients familiar to the consumer. Thus, dairy ingredients provide a consumer friendly label on packaged foods.

For food developers, an understanding of the functional attributes of concentrated dairy ingredients provides an important tool to build desirable product characteristics in response to these consumer expectations. Dairy ingredients contribute important attributes to various food items. The contribution is effected through their major constituents: proteins, lactose, fat, minerals and vitamins. Depending on their level in a dairy ingredient, milk constituents would exert individual functional attributes, these include solubility, emulsification, gelation, water binding, whipping/foaming, viscosity, browning/color and flavor/aroma. This makes concentrated and dry milk ingredients invaluable as a tool for improving, stabilizing or changing the structural, textural or organoleptic properties of a diverse range of food systems. 

Under our AMERIPRO® brand, JLS Foods offers a range of ingredients and customized solutions for a variety of applications in the food industry. We will assist you in making the best ingredient choice to create innovative, healthy and value-added products, with a wide range of possibilities of taste and texture.